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Seasonal Campsites

We oƯer more than 225 full-service seasonal campsites.

Traveler Campsites

We oƯer 12 full-service traveler campsites.

Ready-to-Camp Units

We oƯer 4 Ready-to-Camp units (Coolbox and fifthwheel)

Camping 15/30
Camping in Montérégie

Located in Saint-Philippe, in the heart of a peaceful country scenery at only 20 minutes from Montreal, Camping 15/30 is the ideal place for a unique, high-quality family stay. Offering seasonal campsites, traveler campsites, and CoolBox-type Ready-to-Camp units, this new campground will suit all tastes!

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Discover our waterslides!

The 3 waterslides are open since 2022.

Located in the aquatic area of the campsite, the waterslides are perfect for children and adults!

We are the talk of the town!

We are featured this month in the prestigious Camping Caravaning magazine!

Many thanks to the Camping 15/30 team for their commitments to this great project!

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Let there be fun!

For an unforgettable vacation in an ideal location that will please your whole family, let yourself be seduced by Camping 15/30 in all its splendor.

3-service Seasonal

20-30-50 amps

Camping 1530 - Terrain de Camping - Destination Montérégie - Tourisme Montérégie - Plein air Montérégie
3-services Travelers

20-30-50 amps


4 or 6 people

Roulotte prêt-è-camper

6 personnes

Camping 15/30 offers a wide range of high-quality amenities such as:

MES Coolbox1 (1)

Ready-to-Camp units

You like nature and camping though you won't give up on comfort? You will be spellbound by our Ready-to-Camp units, for their layouts guarantee families, couples, or small group of friends a most enjoyable stay. In addition to being fully equipped, they have an auxiliary heating system. Your luggage will feel lighter and, you will brave the cooler nights in total peace of mind. It is what we call the joy of simple, hassle-free camping!

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