Camping 1530

Visitor rates



Campers’ visitors and guests are welcome at Camping 15/30. They have access to all facilities, activities, and Wi-Fi.

DetailsVisitorsDay guest24h guestGuest pass for camper
(17 and under)
(18 and under)
NotesVisitors must leave before 5:00 p.m.Guests of campers must leave before curfew.Les invités des campeurs
utilisent le terrain du
campeur. Pour les campeurs
voyageurs, des frais
additionnels s’appliquent si
un deuxième équipement
(tente, camper) est présent.
- This pass allows campers to receive an unlimited number of guests during the season.
- Guests of campers must check in upon arrival and leave before curfew.
- A maximum of 6 adults invited at a time is allowed *.

Taxes not included 
Prices are subject to change without notice.
* To welcome more than six adults, you must obtain permission from the administration beforehand. 

Questions ?
(450) 659-8868