Camping 1530

Rules and regulations

Rules and regulations summary for travelers and visitors:

  1. Visitors and travelers are required to register at the reception desk.
  2. Curfew is from 11 pm Sunday to Thursday and midnight on Friday and Saturday.  
  3. Campfires are allowed when no fire ban is announced (SOPFEU). You can only wood sold by management.  
  4. The maximum speed on the campground is always 5 km/h.  
  5. Children must always be under the supervision of their parents.  
  6. Campers must put domestic wastes in the containers provided for this purpose. Each camper is responsible for leaving the campsite clean and in good condition.
  7. Animals must always be on a leash. Each pet owner is responsible for picking up their pet's excrement.  
  8. No changes to the land, permanent or not, are tolerated. (Example: Moving the picnic table or fireplace).  
  9. No parking on the street, on the lawn, or the slabs of the campsites.  
  10. Camping 15/30 is not responsible for accidents, thefts, etc.  

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